Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Alexis Miedwig of Chatham awarded an $8,000 scholarship from the University of Illinois Springfield

Alexis Miedwig of Chatham, a senior at Glenwood High School, has been admitted to the University of Illinois Springfield for Fall Semester 2021 and awarded an $8,000 Lincoln Merit Scholarship for tuition over four years. 

The scholarship is awarded based on high school GPA and can be renewed for a total of four years if the student maintains college GPA requirements.

Miedwig said she chose UIS because of the “close proximity to home and because UIS has a great reputation.” She plans to start a career following graduation. 

All undergraduate first year students are automatically eligible for Lincoln Merit Scholarships. These scholarships are automatically applied upon admission and are based solely on high school GPA. In order to receive $8,000 over four years, the student must have an unweighted GPA of 3.20-3.39. UIS is not requiring students to submit ACT/SAT scores for the 2021-22 academic year.

For more information on scholarships, contact the UIS Office of Financial Assistance at 217-206-6724 or finaid@uis.edu. For a full list of scholarship opportunities, visit uis.edu/financialaid/scholarships/

Students may apply for admission to UIS at uis.edu/apply. Contact the UIS Office of Admission at admissions@uis.edu or 217-206-4847 with questions.

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